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Thursday, 7 June 2012

usage of instance, class and reference variables in C#.Net

Usage of instance,class and reference variables in C#.Net

The following example demonstrate the usage of instance , class and reference variables.
using System;
class Dept
       int deptno;
       public void setDeptNo(int dno) {deptno=dno;}

class Employees
       int empno;            //Instance variable
       static int total_emp;             //Class variable
       Dept dept;            //Reference variable

       public void setInfo(int eno,int dno)       //Instance function
              dept=new Dept();
       public static int getTotal()     //Class Function
       {  return total_emp;      }
public class Class1
       public static void Main(string [] args)
              Employees e1=new Employees();
              e1.setInfo(101 ,10);
              Employees e2=new Employees();
              e2.setInfo(102, 20);

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