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Thursday, 2 August 2012

OutProcess Sessions

Enhancement of session state in ASP.NET
1.           ASP.NET supports out process session, this is also called as process independent sessions.
2.           ASP.NET supports cookie less session.


When the session are maintained within the process of application domain, then it will not provide reliability because session will be destroyed when application domain is destroyed. The application domain will be recycled in the following cases.
a.            When you make changes to web.config, application domain will be recreated with new settings.
b.           When the web server is restarted the application domain will be recreated.

When the session are maintained outside the application domain process (i.e. ASP.NET worker Process)
This out process session provides more reliability and a solution for web forming.
The external process for maintaining sessions can be state server or SQL server.
This is a service of the Operating system that will be installed with .net framework. This comes as a file ASPNET_State.Exe. This will maintain session data in the form of inmemory storage.

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